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Community Sports Clubs –  Fast Forward 20 Years –  What will be Different?               (28/5/16)
Here are some thoughts coming from the UK looking at how not only older, but mainly young people will be seeking out sporting clubs 20 years from now; and more importantly what roles will volunteers be asked to undertake, simply for their clubs to survive.

24  Hours a Day – 7 Days a Week
For local sports clubs to remain relevant to the participants 20 years into the future they will need to offer activities and competitions in a format that participant’s want, at locations they want at times they want.  Potentially “at times they want” is the most challenging concept clubs will have to deal with. Traditionally community sports clubs operate after people have finished work which was easy 20 years ago when everybody worked 9 to 5 but when do people finish work now?  What will the concept of work look like 20 years from now?  My guess is, as the world gets smaller through improved communication and travel technologies that it will be much more common for people to be finishing “after hours” but very much wanting to participate in sporting activities in non-traditional times.
Will community sports clubs evolve to meet this changing demand or will it continue to be taken up by private operators who are significantly more responsive to the needs and demands of consumers?

Virtual Clubrooms will be Equally as Important as Physical Clubrooms.
Traditionally community sporting clubs have a physical location or club house which becomes the central meeting and socializing place.  It is also where Honour Boards, Trophy Cabinets and Photographs are proudly displayed.
While some clubs will be fortunate enough to have a physical space, 20 years from now the majority of clubs may be forced to move their “club house” online and will have created a virtual club house on the internet (or its equivalent).  This is consistent with the changing nature of sport which is now taking place at a variety of times and locations throughout the week.  While this may limit people’s ability to physically meet, play and socialize it does not mean that they want to feel like they belong to the club less, in fact, the opposite I believe.  The more the fragmented the activities provided by the club, the more people will seek to create ways to enhance their sense of belonging and my prediction is that it will be through virtual communities within virtual club rooms.

More Sporting Competitions will be “Televised”
With the advent of faster and faster communication technology most if not all clubs, at all levels, will “live stream” their competitions. This will mean that clubs will be able to “televise” their competitions directly to audiences of people interested in their club and sport without the need for TV stations.  Those clubs who recognise and take advantage of this technological innovation will build significant audiences which will then have a flow on effect for sponsorship, fundraising, recruitment and general club promotions.

Technology will Create Information Overload
At the moment very few community clubs have access to the technological resources of professional sports but this will change as technology improves, internet speeds increase and technology providers learn how to create products for the mass club market.
The potential is unlimited.  For example, you could have tennis racquets sending information back to community tennis coaches in real time about how hard a player is hitting a tennis ball and how much spin is being used etc.  Sports clothing will start to capture and transmit information about athlete speeds, stamina and endurance and video recordings will instantly convert live action into statistic break downs and analysis.
If the old saying “knowledge is power” is true (which I believe it is) then grass roots clubs will have access to more information than they ever dreamed.  It is what Clubs do with this information in the future that could be this biggest determinant of success.

And One Thing Will Not Change
Finally, one factor I do not believe will change is the slowing of legislative compliance that clubs will be compelled to undertake.  It is highly likely that each of the changes I have predicted will come with a significant compliance burden.  The world is changing so fast and with each change there seems to be new legislative compliance for clubs.
So, looking forward 20 years I believe the Community Sports Clubs will be great places to be but a question rarely asked is “how will volunteers continue to evolve in our ever changing world?”  In 20 years from now will our community sports clubs even be run by volunteers?  I am not so sure.


 Saturday 30th July

 2 Course Dinner
Turkey, Ham & Veg with Sweets)

Rock’n’Roll dancers and DJ

 Bookings Close 22nd July 7pm -11pm

 $25.00 per Person




Thursday 30th June

Thursday 28th July

6.00PM for 7.00PM Roll Up

All leading to the final CHALLENGE NIGHT for the

Indoor v Outdoor Trophy

$12 per Person includes light meal (6.00pm) – lists will be on the Notice Board

Come along and start getting into form for the Big Trophy Night

Appealing against a Measure

Bowls SA have issued memos clarifying that players may appeal against a measurer’s decision to the umpire (who would then re-measure).



Indoor Bowls Webpages           30/4/2016

Pages for the Indoor Bowls 2016 Pennant season have been added under “Other Bowls” – “Indoor Bowls”.  The 3 pages are for the Women on Monday and Tuesday mornings, Men on Monday afternoons and Mixed on Wednesday evenings.

Synthetic Greens News         28/4/2016

On Tuesday 26th April, 2016 at the regular meeting of the CTTG Council, all Councillors voted unanimously for the Modbury Bowling Club’s project to upgrade C & D greens with synthetic grass, and to cover both greens with with an innovative roof design.
 The CTTG will be assisting the Club in many ways to bring the project to fruition, including financial assistance in the financial year 2017-18 as well as providing Council Operations Staff to work with the MBC Upgrade Team to cover all the areas of what will be a major project, and a huge addition to the Modbury Sporting Hub.
 Trevor Reade’s presentation to the Council prior to their vote is included on the Synthethic Greens page.
 As more information becomes available Members will find it here first on the Club Website.


Men’s Major/Minor Pairs     26/4/2016

Congratulations to John Nelson and Jose Gill for their win over Gary and Colin Meekcoms in the final of the Men’s Major/Minor Pairs.

ANZAC Day            25/4/2016

Cotter Howcroft

Thank you to all the Anzacs that marched today and to those who could not, thoughts are always with you even though the numbers are dwindling though all ranks. Jack Cotter and Roy Howcroft were both marching and there were sure to be others

Wednesday Pennant Win      8/4/2016

Wed Pennant win 2015-16a

Congratulations to the Wednesday Modbury Premier side that has just won the 2015-16 Pennant.
Final score was Modbury 118 to Grange 94 with the Final being held at the Somerton Bowling Club.
Modbury got off to a slow start and was down as much as 20 shots but then gradually got back to tighten the game up to eventually be at 85 all then won 29 – 5 over the concluding stages to win by 24 at the end. A very consistent year of team work and all rinks working to achieve the ultimate result. A special mention to both Wayne Lindsay and John McKnight as both missed out at selection and could easily been in the winning side. Thank you both and all the team thank you.  Also a very BIG thank you to the players that gave up their time to give the Premier side trials in the past two weeks and the players and supporters that turned up to support us on Wednesday as that is what makes a club.
You are very much a part of this win and caps off a very good Wed Pennant season with 2 Pennants.

Also my congratulations to the Gold Taylor Cup side on their win this year and to all the players in each section for representing the club.  (Neil Martin)

WANTED                                            14/3/2016
I, William the Canadian, escaped the harsh reality of an icy frigid miserable winter back in Ottawa and basked for 3 months in the very warm, friendly and hospitable surroundings of the Modbury Lawn Bowling Club.
I welcome the opportunity of returning for the months of January, February and March of 2017 with my “better haIf” Linda. We are therefore looking for suitable accommodation in order to facilitate our stay.
We will need access to Wifi, and equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. A studio or one bedroom apartment, a granny flat, or trailer/mobile home would be ideal. (A furnished bomb shelter circa the Cold War 60’s would also be considered).
We are also open to house sitting someone’s property and babysitting their shrubbery while they are away on holiday. A house sharing situation would not be ruled out.
Our preferred neighbourhood would be within the Tea Tree Council area, but we are very flexible.
If you know of anyone that might be able to help us out including friends, neighbours, relatives, in laws, and/ or outlaws, please get in touch with Stephen Leister, President, Modbury Lawn Bowls Club at

Ladies Singles ChampionChris Caruso 2015-2016 Club Champion copy

Congratulations to Chris Caruso who became 2015 -2016 Ladies Singles champion  by defeating Bernie Jensen in an entertaining final




Gary Thompson  – Men’s Club Champion 2015-2016
Simon Dorr and Gary Thompson played out the club championship

Gary Thompson -Club Singles Champion
Gary Thompson -Club Singles Champion

final on Thursday evening 28th January with an audience of a very interested group of about 30 members and friends.
Gary made the early running with some excellent draw bowling in the windy conditions to jump to an early 7 shot break. His control in the wind forced Simon into driving (uncharacteristically) a number of times in order to ‘save’. Gary pressed on with his early advantage and in the end ran out a comfortable winner. The spectators warmly applauded and congratulated both players at the end, with Gary becoming a second time Club Champion, having previously won the event in 1994-1995.

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