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Thursday Pennant Wrap                                                21/11/2015
All three sides had ‘Away’ games with Major League and Metro 1 East sides at Payneham and Metro 1 North at Elizabeth. With two rinks down by just one shot each, Janet Proctor gave the Major League side a win with an emphatic 16 shot victory, improving their position to 2nd on the ladder. Mixed results for 1North and 1East, with North winning and East losing. Both sides are now in 5th place in their respective divisions.

Saturday Pennant Round Up                       22/11/2015
With just two games to complete the first round all six of our seven sides are in the top four of their divisions with the exception of Major North:  after a slow start recent good form has seen this side climb out of the relegation zone. The 16 point win sees the side in seventh place barely one win from fourth. Our premier side is going from strength to strength. Approximately 30 members made the trip to Salisbury on Friday evening to watch some really brilliant bowls from both sides with the “Thunder” coming out on top with 3 rinks to 1  and fourteen valuable  points. The win has leap-frogged Modbury to the top of the premier ladder – a position our boys will be sure to be all out to retain.

Des Ettridge Memorial Day Tournament Sunday 15th November 
Des would have been so pleased. 112 players, a lovely warm 26oC, beautifully prepared greens at a good pace, wonderful camaraderie and competition on the greens – what a great day!
Teams came from Tranmere, Payneham, Salisbury, Freeling, Wallaroo and Yorketown. It was also good to see Modbury players forming teams with players from other clubs around the city and the country. I was fortunate enough to play a team that included two players from Port Elliott.
Thanks must also go to our ladies who prepared and served a wonderful grilled marinated chicken and salad Luncheon, President Steve and Neil Martin who organized the event, Greg Thomas for keeping all the scores and updating the electronic scoreboard, and also the bar staff who worked hard to keep up refreshments for the players throughout the day.
IMG_0181The Winners?   In a blanket finish, the overall winner’s prize went to Graeme Ettridge’s composite team with 173 points and 30 shots up from 1st Runners Up, Pat McGuinness’ team also with 173 points and 29 shots up, from 2nd Runners up Jack Cowles Tranmere team with 169 points and 16 shots Up. For full details of winners go to or click on Pennants page. Interestingly, on the penultimate end of the last game, after twice measuring shot bowls, Pat McGuinness agreed with Rex, his opposition third, that he could not separate the bowls and the end was declared tied – and that’s bowls!!
A nice touch for the winners was the presentation of Des Ettridge  medallions to the winners, and retrospective presentation to the inaugural winning Skip last year, Buster Prentice. The Ettridge family intends to present these medallions each year to the winners of the Des Ettridge Memorial Fours.

Club Coach Re-accreditation                                  13/10/2015

Roy Matthews has completed his Club Coach Re-accreditation IMG_0176Course and was presented with his Certificate by our Ladies Coordinator, Bernie Jensen, during the Pennant  luncheon break on Thursday 12th November. Roy is the current Ladies Club Coach and they greatly appreciate his sage advice, especially on match days.
Very approachable, Roy is only too willing to assist members who may be having problems with their deliveries. Just give him a call and arrange a suitable time.

Christmas Dinner and Cabaret Night                 9/11/2015
Members and friends are reminded that Tickets for the Christmas Dinner and cabaret on Saturday December 5th are available at the Bar . Cost for the two course dinner and entertainment  by the wonderful Linda McCarthy s $26.00 per person. Get up a table and come along and enjoy what should be a great night.

Taylor Cup 1st Round                                                           8/11/2015

The Silver North division played their matches at Modbury and all four Greens were in use.
It was a very busy day for our Greenkeeper, Tim, he did not finish rolling the last green until 5.15pm. He must be congratulated however, as the greens were a picture and in fantastic condition and rolling beautifully. Many players paid compliments to our greens. Well Done Tim!!! You deserved all the praise.
Sadly our Silver Side could not quite get up against a very strong Salisbury outfit. Neil Martin (Singles) was no match for his opponent who could do no wrong on the night (especially his thunderous drives). The Pairs team of Peter Horsnell and Rex Reddacliff played very solidly for a 15-13 win over strong opponents, Kieran Hackett’s triples team tried hard but could not match their opponents in the closing stages, and Barrie Wilton’s Fours team got to within two shots of their opponents. All players feel they will be much better for the experience. All players were mightily pleased with the pace and texture of ”A” green and look forward to more games on that surface.
Unfortunately I have no results from Gold (played at Tranmere) or Bronze North (Croydon) sides at this time.

GDR – Greens Duty Rinks – Wednesday and Saturday Pennants
A decision that to overcome a shortage of volunteers Duty Rinks will be appointed each week to ensure that all equipment used on and around the greens each Pennant day is collected and returned to its storage area, the Duty Rink allocations is the Chairperson of Selectors responsibility.
The Duty rink’s skip will be responsible to ensure that at the completion of play:

  1. Flags are removed from their mastheads, folded and returned to the drawer  beneath the Coffee Machine.
  2. Flags are removed from greens to the mat trolley
  3. Mats and kitties have been returned to mat trolley.
       (This task is the responsibility of the Lead in each Home rink)
  1. Return water cooler from A Green to its Storage.
  2. Modbury Thunder Flags and banners are removed to Storage.
  3. Measuring equipment is put away.
  4.      General clean-up of Bottles, cans and Rubbish.

Saturdays, there will be one duty rink per Green, the senior side that plays 25 ends (their green) and one for each of the other Greens.

Wednesdays there will be Duty Rinks: GDR to carry out the Greens tasks, the other KDR, to perform kitchen duties; preparing Subways prior to games and after completion of play washing cups, plates etc and general tidying of the kitchen and Tables.

All sides will have rinks rostered in turn: The tasks are simple and will take little time so all players are asked to do there bit for the club.

You’re The Man                                                      1/11/2015
With a mighty shout from his team mates and much hand slapping, with the broadest of grins, Davy “you’re the man” Carter,  finally, after 38 fruitless ends made his skip bend and put chalk on his bowl.  Not only that he repeated the feat on the very next end for more cheers and hand slaps. It was quite significant for his rink too. They had been locked on 19 shots with their Gawler opponents, but from the first toucher his team forged ahead for a 9 shot win, also the winning margin for his side. You’re the man Davy!!


Club Championships                                 22/10/2015

Entry Forms are now posted on Notice boards for all Club Championship events. When you enter please fill out an envelop, place your entry fee inside and put envelop in the box located near the front door. Failure to do so by closing date may jeopardise entry to the event.
Closing dates for events are as follows:
Pairs  –  Sunday 6/12/2015
Mixed Pairs – 18/12/2015
Major/Minor Pairs – 18/12/2015

Thursday Night Meals                                     20/10/2015

With Daylight Saving here and Night Owls commencing, members are advised that meals will be available at the clubhouse each Thursday evening commencing on 29th October and continuing throughout Daylight Saving Time.
Meals are available at competitive prices, along with the already competitive prices on drinks. Members are asked to put their names and numbers in their party on the list provided by each Wednesday evening. (This list is required to assist the caterers).
Meals can be ordered from 5.45pm, a salad and veg bar is available and patrons are asked to think of others when using this facility.
Come along, bring friends, and support your club in a friendly and sociable atmosphere.

To Print a Pennant Side Draw for Season 2015-2016

An easy way to print your Side’s Draw is to go to Bowls SA website and click on “METROPOLITAN PENNANT DRAWS AND RESULTS”.
When the page opens;
Click on your Competition
Click on the “display team schedule” button to the right of your club name.
Select the content of the schedule that comes up and select “Copy”
Open a word document, set margins to their minimum and paste the schedule into your document.
You can then save and/or print the document.

Open Tournaments                                        10/8/15

Modbury Bowling Club cordially invites Lawn Bowlers to enter teams in upcoming Open events. Details of the Events and how to enter are posted on the Open Tournaments page. (CLICK HERE)
Night Owls Season 2015 – 2016                      1 /8/15

To find out all about our Night Owls program and register your interest go to the Night Owls page or click Here

Ladies Tournament Dates                       26/7/15
Dates for the  Ladies tournaments  in season 2015-2016 can be found on the “Open Tournaments” Page or Click Here


Monday 30th Nov 2015                                 Ladies Medley 4’s
Sunday 6th Dec  2015                                     Club Singles Day
Saturday 19th Dec 2015                                Club Pairs
Sunday 10th Jan 2016                                     Major/Minor Pairs +                                                                                  Mixed Pairs
Tuesday 26th Jan 2016                                   Cosmo 4’s / Breakfast
Sunday 31st Jan 2016                                     Cosmo West End Skins
Sunday 7th Feb 2016                                       Sportsman’s/Sponsor
Sunday 14th Feb 2016                                    Club Finals Day
Monday 21st March 2016                            Ladies Triples Day

Night Owls
Christmas Break 9,10th Dec                               Night Owls
Restart 13,14th Jan 2016                                     Night Owls
Final Night 9th,10th March 2016                     Night Owls
Wednesday 16th March 2016                           Sponsors Night
Play off Wed vs Thursday 17th March          Final Night – Night Owls