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Synthethic Greens News         28/4/2016

On Tuesday 26th April, 2016 at the regular meeting of the CTTG Council, all Councillors voted unanimously for the Modbury Bowling Club’s project to upgrade C & D greens with synthetic grass, and to cover both greens with with an innovative roof design.
The CTTG will be assisting the Club in many ways to bring the project to fruition, including financial assistance in the financial year 2017-18 as well as providing Council Operations Staff to work with the MBC Upgrade Team to cover all the areas of what will be a major project, and a huge addition to the Modbury Sporting Hub.
Trevor Reade’s presentation to the Council prior to their vote is included on the Synthethic Greens page.
As more information becomes available Members will find it here first on the Club Website.


Men’s Major/Minor Pairs     26/4/2016

Congratulations to John Nelson and Jose Gill for their win over Gary and Colin Meekcoms in the final of the Men’s Major/Minor Pairs.

ANZAC Day            25/4/2016

Cotter Howcroft

Thank you to all the Anzacs that marched today and to those who could not, thoughts are always with you even though the numbers are dwindling though all ranks. Jack Cotter and Roy Howcroft were both marching and there were sure to be others.

Free Stroke Test          16/4/2016
We at the club have been offered a free stroke assessment health check on Thursday 28th April beginning at 9 a.m. It’s a 10 min check without having to remove clothing.  Why not take advantage of this offer?
Only 42 people can be fitted in the day with the Doctor, Nurse & Stenographer. When it was run at Payneham recently, it was quickly booked out.
All members and their partners are invited to book a time.  Please phone Judy Wilton to make an appointment on 82881287 or 0417842566  a.s.a.p.  It will be first come, first served.
Annual General Meeting    8/4/2016

AGM Our AGM will be held at the club at 7pm on Friday 27th May 2016.  All motions must be proposed and seconded and handed to the Secretary by 5pm Friday 29th April.
Nominations for positions on the Committee are to be handed to the Secretary by 5pm Friday 20th May.


Wednesday Pennant Win      8/4/2016

Wed Pennant win 2015-16a

Congratulations to the Wednesday Modbury Premier side that has just won the 2015-16 Pennant.
Final score was Modbury 118 to Grange 94 with the Final being held at the Somerton Bowling Club.
Modbury got off to a slow start and was down as much as 20 shots but then gradually got back to tighten the game up to eventually be at 85 all then won 29 – 5 over the concluding stages to win by 24 at the end. A very consistent year of team work and all rinks working to achieve the ultimate result. A special mention to both Wayne Lindsay and John McKnight as both missed out at selection and could easily been in the winning side. Thank you both and all the team thank you.  Also a very BIG thank you to the players that gave up their time to give the Premier side trials in the past two weeks and the players and supporters that turned up to support us on Wednesday as that is what makes a club.
You are very much a part of this win and caps off a very good Wed Pennant season with 2 Pennants.

Also my congratulations to the Gold Taylor Cup side on their win this year and to all the players in each section for representing the club.  (Neil Martin)
Taylor Cup Update      25/3/2016
Congratulations to the Modbury Gold Division side in winning the Taylor Cup Super Challenge 2015 – 2016. The final was played on Sunday march 20th with Modbury defeating Holdfast Bay in a three rink singles Tie Break.  Results of the Final are on The Taylor Bowls page.
In Silver Division Modbury qualified for the finals but unfortunately lost their semi final in a (3 game-3 ends each) singles tie break to Lockleys, the eventual winners.
The Bronze Division Side finished a creditable fifth In the Northern Division and were competitive in all their matches.

WANTED                                            14/3/2016
I, William the Canadian, escaped the harsh reality of an icy frigid miserable winter back in Ottawa and basked for 3 months in the very warm, friendly and hospitable surroundings of the Modbury Lawn Bowling Club.
I welcome the opportunity of returning for the months of January, February and March of 2017 with my “better haIf” Linda. We are therefore looking for suitable accommodation in order to facilitate our stay.
We will need access to Wifi, and equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. A studio or one bedroom apartment, a granny flat, or trailer/mobile home would be ideal. (A furnished bomb shelter circa the Cold War 60’s would also be considered).
We are also open to house sitting someone’s property and babysitting their shrubbery while they are away on holiday. A house sharing situation would not be ruled out.
Our preferred neighbourhood would be within the Tea Tree Council area, but we are very flexible.
If you know of anyone that might be able to help us out including friends, neighbours, relatives, in laws, and/ or outlaws, please get in touch with Stephen Leister, President, Modbury Lawn Bowls Club at

High Performance Coaching               23/2/16

Should anyone require personal training, our club coach, Dale Robertson, may be contacted on his mobile 0437 389 639 or by e-mail

Ladies Singles ChampionChris Caruso 2015-2016 Club Champion copy

Congratulations to Chris Caruso who became 2015 -2016 Ladies Singles champion  by defeating Bernie Jensen in an entertaining final





“Eight” Badges                              23/2/16

William Smalluk, "Shorty",Sandra Bleese, Roger Goodenough
William Smalluk, “Shorty”,Sandra Bleese, Roger Goodenough

Scoring an “eight” in a pennant match is not a common occurrence, so it is well worth reporting that “Shorty” Wright’s rink managed this feat during a Thursday Metro 1 North Pennant match on ‘D’ Green. The photo was taken after the game when “Shorty ” had removed her bowls shoes for more comfortable footwear.

Interested in playing indoor carpet bowls on Mondays?  Please contact Roy Howcroft or Dean Ferris.
Men’s Metropolitan is played on Mondays from 1.00pm to approximately 4.00pm – runs from May until August.  A great afternoon for men when nothing else to do.

Gary Thompson  – Men’s Club Champion 2015-2016
Simon Dorr and Gary Thompson played out the club championship

Gary Thompson -Club Singles Champion
Gary Thompson -Club Singles Champion

final on Thursday evening 28th January with an audience of a very interested group of about 30 members and friends.
Gary made the early running with some excellent draw bowling in the windy conditions to jump to an early 7 shot break. His control in the wind forced Simon into driving (uncharacteristically) a number of times in order to ‘save’. Gary pressed on with his early advantage and in the end ran out a comfortable winner. The spectators warmly applauded and congratulated both players at the end, with Gary becoming a second time Club Champion, having previously won the event in 1994-1995.

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