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Club Championships -Sunday 22nd January
Members are advised that rinks will be available on  on ‘B’ Green on Sunday 22nd January from 9.30am to play Club Championship matches. Those members involved are requested to take advantage and play their games.


Quiz Night

Green’s Upgrade                     17/12/2016

Go to Synthetic Greens page to  see an artist’s impression of “C” and “D” Greens with roof.

Aussie day 2017


Skins 2017

State Squad 2016-2017                      11/12/2016
Sometimes news reaches me slowly.  Although it was announced in September, congratulations are in order for  Simon Dorr and Nathan Pedersen who have been selected in the state squad of 20 that are training for the SA v Vic. Series on the 22-24 February 2017 and the Australian Nationals to be held at Lockleys from Wednesday 6th to 9th April 2017.

Des Day March 2017





PINTS $5.00


ALL OTHER DRINKS  – Normal Prices

Eight Badges                             16/11/2016

Eight badges are very hard to come by, so congratulations must go to Pat Garcia, Pam Jones  Iris Barnett and Sally jarred who achieved an eight count in a Division 3 North pennant match against an Elizabeth rink on 10th November. Well done ladies!!

Winners Are Grinners                      8/11/2016

Mens Fours Winners - CopyModbury bowlers made up the bulk of the team that won the Gordon Winkley Memorial Fours at Prospect Broadview yesterday. In a very candid interview, Wayne Mack assured me their team suffered the toughest of draws, but their innate ability to find the jack almost every end saw them come away as the only 4 game winners on the day.

Pennant Players – Reminder                                   27/10/2016
If you have been selected and become unavailable to play on a given day, please ring the club between 9.45am and 10.45 am on the day of play so that side alterations can be made without delay.

Adelaide’s Wild Weather                           12/6/2016
The picture below shows the results of the hailstorm at about 9.45am on Tuesday 12th July. Our already saturated greens appeared to have had a severe dusting of snow. For those interested in Trivia, my rainfall stats at Walkley Heights indicate that we had just 10 rain free days in June, and just 5 in the first 13 days of July.
B Green 0950 12July16

 Calendar of Events 2016 – 2017


Mixed Pairs  –  to be played ASAP after the Draw (During the Week)

Thursday 26th Jan. 2017                      Cosmo 4’s/Breakfast

Sunday 5th Feb. 2017                          Cosmo West End Skins

Saturday 11th Feb2017                     Quiz Night

Sunday 12th Feb. 2017                        Club Tournament Finals

Sunday 5th March 2017                    Des Ettridge Men’s Fours

Monday 3rd Apr. 2017                         Ladies Triples Day

Viewing Photos                                          17/12/2015

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