Taylors Cup

South Australian Lawn Bowlers League (SALBL) is a players league formed in the 2008-2009 season.  Players pay an annual membership fee and a fee each time they play.

Initially it was known as the Henselite Cup and played at the elite level.

Renamed Taylor Bowls Super Challenge in 2012 -2013, Modbury players were successful in winning the cup.

In 2013 the competition was expanded to Gold , Silver and Bronze. With interest high, Modbury players were able to field a side in Gold and Silver Divisions with both sides reaching the semi-finals. To read all details of the LABL and the current season click on the following link: www.salbl.com/


Round 7 20th January 2020 v Adelaide @ Adelaide START 5:30 for 6PM Start
LeadJeff DavisWayne LindsayWayne Haskett
SecondJohn BoccacioTony Weir
ThirdJose Gil
SkipChris KingGary MeekcomsJohn NelsonNeil Martin
Selector: J MorrisManager: J Morris