Social Bowls Friday 17th June

While there was some sunny breaks during the day they were insufficient to keep the cold air away as the clouds continued to block out the sun.   Fortunately, for the 60 players who attended, it did not rain.
This week’s winners were Roger Frick, Gordon Kay and Gary Wright on 56 points with 23 shots up.  In second place were Roger Atkins, Geoff Cutler and Garry Swalling on 53 points and 14 shots up.
A thank you to Tim Arbon and the grounds staff for the work they do in keeping the greens and surrounding areas in good shape.  Thanks to Les Scott for conducting the raffle draw, also Rob Jackway for helping out in the office.
The week’s jackpot draw for $255 was +23.  As no team claimed the prize the jackpot will carryover into next week.
Keep them rolling,
Graham Fishlock and Ian McPhillips

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