Social Bowling

Social Outdoor Bowls are played all year round on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays starting at 12 noon. There are prizes for the winners and dependent on the number of entries there can be more prizes added on the day.  We also have a random Jackpot draw on some days.

The preferred method of entering is via the Entry Sheets in the clubhouse. There is usually someone at the clubhouse if you want to phone in your entry on 08 8396 0113 or email


  • Saturday –  Cosmo Pairs 2-4-2 (2 games – 11 ends and 10 ends)
  • Wednesdays – Open 3 Bowl Triples (2 games – 11 ends and 10 ends)
  • Friday – Cosmo Three Bowl Triples (2 games – 11 ends and 10 ends)

All entries are welcome on any of the above days

If you would like to either be a single entrant on any of these days, we can always help fit you in to a team, but please remember to leave your phone number for us to contact you.

We also do encourage new bowlers to our Come and Try sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday morning from 10am until 12 noon. Contact club manager for appointment.

New members are always welcome and you can contact us at on (08) 8396 0113, our General Manager on or complete this Contact Form.

See you on the greens.