Social Bowling

Social Bowls occurs throughout the year on Wednesdays (Starting at 11.30 am), Fridays, starting at 12 noon. There are 2 games each day with cash prizes for the overall winner, runners up and first and second game winners. The preferred method of entering is via the Entry Sheets in the clubhouse. There is usually someone in the clubhouse if you want to phone in your entry on 08 8396 0113.

The social game on Wednesdays is Open Triples, organised by Jack Cotter, Tony Chilvers and Ken Pringle.  We draw teams from single entries.

Friday’s social game is Cosmo Three Bowl Triples, organised by Graham Fishlock and Ian McPhillips. Traditionally the club will accept entries from other clubs. Three greens are usually available this day so up to 84 teams can enter. Single entries (with Phone number) are accepted to fill late individual withdrawals.

A Saturday Social Bowls Program will be run in April, 2020.

The Get A Game of Bowls website is a great place to find out where to get a social game if you are travelling; nearly 2000 clubs around the country are now listing Social games and Tournaments.

New members are always welcome.  Please contact Modbury Bowling Club on (08) 8396 0113 or complete the Contact Form.