MBA Motion – Feedback required

The Tranmere Bowling Club has put forward a Notice of Motion for the next MBA AGM.  As this motion affects Saturday Pennant bowlers, we are looking for your feedback on this motion.

Notice of motion form TRANMERE for AGM

Please put your comments below or email Jose at



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9 Responses

  1. I don’t see the point only 1 or 3 people need to leave right at the end of a game and changing the start time I don’t think will change this cos not all people who want to go early are going out that night most leave cos they have lost badly and don’t want to stay with the home side

  2. I disagree with the change of starting time to 12.45 1 pm is all good.
    We must think of green keepers and their teems to prepare greens
    Green keepers these days travel long distances

  3. I have been a long term advocate of a 12.15 pm start for Pennant Bowls played on Saturdays!
    When I started playing bowls 40 years ago, Saturday morning trading was in vogue and the 1.15pm starting time was the norm!
    As recently as the past 21-22 season I have asked members from all clubs played against and have not had one bowler decry the proposition.
    To my mind, it is a no-brained and should be implemented without delay!

  4. Great idea. I have always wanted an early start for Saturday. I’m in total agreement

  5. All for it. Times have changed and it will make a large difference to after-game socialising and travel.

  6. An early start on Saturday would not suit me, but Ann is not bothered by it. Cheers Mike Sheehan

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