Modbury Pennant Finals and Locations Saturday 9th March 2022

Finals  Saturday 12th March and Locations  are as follows:

Premier League    –     V  –  Somerton     @    GRANGE

Division 1             –      V  –  Woodville      @     SALISBURY

Division 4 N        –      V   –   Rosewater      @    MODBURY

Division 5 N (Red)      –       V  –   Para Hills       @    MODBURY

Division 7 N (Red)      –      V  –   Beaumont Red  @   MODBURY

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  1. Steve L can you advise me if the Bowlslink details for the Finals match for Wed 17 Mch for Div 3 Nth is correct, as it shows Modbury playing Clearview at Clearview when it should be at the place of the top side which is Hope Valley?

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