Pennant Finals – Season 2020-2021

The information that follows is taken from Metropolitan Conditions of Play 2020 – 21;  for full details this document is available for perusal/ downloading at

9.1 Finals Series 9.1.1 A finals series will be held for the following Divisions:

Saturday.         Premier League and Divisions 1-5

Wednesday.     Premier League and Divisions 1-3

Thursday.        Premier League and Divisions 1-2

9.1.2 Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday – all Divisions The sides finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th at the end of the minor rounds, will contest the Finals. The Elimination Final will be between the sides finishing 3rd & 4th First Semi-final will be between the sides finishing 1st & 2nd. The loser of the Elimination Final is placed fourth.

The winner of the Elimination final will play the loser of the First Semi-final in the Preliminary Final.

The loser of the Preliminary Final is placed third. The winner of the Preliminary Final will be the second Grand Finalist.

9.1.3 Finals dates:

Saturday Elimination and Semi Finals           Saturday 6th March 2021

Saturday Preliminary Final                               Saturday 13th March 2021

Saturday Grand Final                                        Saturday 20th March 2021

Wednesday Semi & Elimination Finals         Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Wednesday Preliminary Final                         Wednesday 10th March 2021

Wednesday Grand Final                                   Wednesday 17th March 2021

Thursday Elimination and Semi Finals          Thursday 4th March 2021

Thursday Preliminary Final                             Thursday 11th March 2021

Thursday Grand Final                                       Thursday 18th March 2021


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