Problems with Bowling Surfaces

At a recent production meeting between Club, Council and Contractor representatives, Tiger Turf (our Bowls Weave surface contractor) was asked about problems with the playing surface.The three main problems with synthetic weave surfaces are: –

A.         Dumping.
A player is considered to be ‘dumping’ if a bowl is released 30cm (1ft) or more     above the playing surface. On grass ‘dump’ depressions can be repaired by top dressing: on synthetics, removing the Weave and re -levelling the whole surface is necessary. The Cost?  Many tens of thousands of dollars.
The Remedies – Deliver the bowl lower to the playing surface, or, if you cannot get any lower than 30cm, you should obtain a Bowling Arm. It is interesting to note that many who have purchased Bowling Arms have in fact become better bowlers.
B.         Bowls Polish.
There is no Bowls polish or Grippo that is suitable for use on a synthetic surface. all polishes gradually adhere to the bowling surface attracting dust and leaving dirty track marks on the playing surface.
The Remedies – Remove all polish from the bowls before play with a polishing cloth: remove all Grippo from hands before play. If you can’t grip the bowl without Grippo, it may be necessary to use a smaller size bowl – or a Bowling Arm.
C.         Cleaning.
Like all grass surfaces synthetic surfaces need regular cleaning. At our club, how often, will be dictated by wind blowing dust, leaves and bark from the adjacent gum trees.
The Remedies – This can be done by Vacuuming, Blowing or Sweeping on a regular (even Daily) basis. Several teams of volunteers may be necessary.

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