Triples Results Friday 6th October

Many thanks to John Coleman, Di and Kym Butterfield for agreeing to come in and make up the numbers, enabling the organisers to field 28 teams of triples who played both games under the ‘Thunder Dome’.  ‘Fagin’ had another feast day with several players stepping up to add their donations to the Guide Dogs collection box.    Be aware, that as the warmer weather approaches some games may be played on grass, so please ensure you have adequate sun protection with you.

This week’s winners and grinners are:

1st Game Winners:     Rowland Lawton, Chris McCulloch and Kevin Rebbeck on 28 points +15 shots

2nd Game Winners:    Baz Wells, John Slater and Tony Tanton on 28 points +12 shots

2 Game Winners:       Dave Yoate, Mike Sheehan and Rob on 56 points +25 shots

2 Game Runner-up:   Linsay Packer, Brian and June Hodkinson on 56 shots +17 shots

The jackpot draw for $540 was 18.  As there was no winner the jackpot will carry over into next week.  Thanks to Les Scott for running the raffle and George Swandale who came in early to help with preparations for the day’s event.
Hot pies and pasties are available at the club – just put your name and preference on the list provided at the bar.
Keep them rolling,
Graham Fishlock and Ian McPhillips

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