100 Saturday Pennant Games

The 2017-18 Saturday Pennant season saw the introduction of Premier League Numbered caps; 3 Saturday Premier League games qualifies a player for a numbered Cap. Since the introduction, records have been kept for all Modbury Pennant Players.

As a result, the following members are to be congratulated, having played a minimum 100  Saturday games in Modbury Colours since 2017.

Richard Anderson(104): Alan Atkinson(107): David Carter(113): Graham Fishlock(110): Jose Gil(106): Wayne Haskett(106): Steve Leister(104): Wayne Lindsay(112): Neil Martin(105): Pat McGuinness(113): Gary Meekcoms(112): John Morris(101): Rex Reddacliff(106): Kelvin Salmon(109): Brenton Treverton(110): Ron Troost(103): Jeff Wegener(109): Tony Weir(105): Alan Whitmarsh(105).

Congratulations to the above players not only the games played but also their long and continuous service to Modbury Bowling Club.

It is anticipated that as other members reach this milestone, they will be accorded recognition on our web page and App. Members must appreciate this is only for games played on Saturday.




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