Pennant Afternoon Tea

The Modbury Bowling Club kindly advises to all club members and visiting club members that due to the impact of COVID-19 and the associated restrictions, the Modbury Bowling Club will not be providing communal afternoon tea, hot drinks and sunblock during the coming pennant season. We will also not be providing single-use non-recyclable plastic items as per the new Government legislation.

To adhere to these restrictions and ensure everyone’s safety we have implemented the following

  • A selection of foods that be available for purchase over the bar for lunch or afternoon tea including fresh or toasted Sandwiches and Balfours Pies, Pasties & other Pastries.
  • Coffee can be purchased from the coffee machines @ $2 per cup.
  • The coffee machines will dispense free hot water for tea. Milk is available for 50c
  • Filtered Cold water is available

We suggest that you bring their own

  • Drink bottle for water consumption
  • Teabag if they want to have a cup of tea
  • Sunblock

The required pennant breaks will be as per the conditions of play.

Sanitizer stations are available in the club for use at all times and we also remind everyone to continue to social distance and stay home if they are feeling sick.



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