Strategic Planning attendees

The following members have been selected to participate in the Strategic Planning session on Thursday evening.  There is a list at the club for you to confirm your attendance.  Thank you for expressing your interest in being involved.

C Anderson
D Armstrong
A Atkinson
B Basedow
C Caruso
B Coonan
C Daniels
T Eltridge-Smith
G Fishlock
R Fishlock
A Gil
A Gosling
K Gosling
J Hart
W Haskett
K Hills
T Horne
R Howcroft
J Ignatavicius
V Jameson
S Jolly
L Jones
K Klopp
W Klopp
W Mack
J Mack
R Matthews
L Matthews
C McCulloch
P McGuinness
K Nuemann
T Reade
S Rodda
L Scott
M Sheehan
J Slater
C Stewart
P Stewart
B Treverton
N Watson
M Willis

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