Triples Results Friday 14th June

It was good weather for the ducks, but fortunately it did not deter the 72 players who turned up to participate in a game of bowls under cover of the ‘Thunder Dome’.  To the number of patrons who have weathered the temporary arrangements on Tuesday and Friday for the last couple of weeks – thank you for your support.  The good news is we will be moving back into the club rooms as of next Monday afternoon, so if you have the time, I’m sure it would be appreciated if you could help with replacing the furniture.  The not so good news is that installation of the air conditioning is only partially complete, and finalisation of the work is to be carried out at a future date.

This week’s winners and grinners:

1st Game Winners:      Des Bartholomew, Janice Byles and Greg Byles on 26 points + 10 shots

2nd Game Winners:     Carol Daniels, Ruth Stott and Nola Watson on 25 points + 7 shots

2 Game Winners:          Lee Arbon, Rae Weidenbach and Vicki Arbon on 51 points + 15 shots

2 Game Runners-up:   Stephanie Mulhearn, Jennifer Scott and Ray Bettons on 51 points + 10 shots

The lucky number for this week’s jackpot prize of $340 was 19.  As no one claimed the prize the jackpot will carry over into next week.  Thanks to Rob Jackway for coming in early and George Swandale who came in later to help with preparations for the day’s event.

Keep them rolling,
Graham Fishlock and Ian McPhillips

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