Triples Results Friday 18th November

The weather turned cold with blustery wind and rain throughout most of the afternoon.  Thankfully
both games were played under cover of the dome.  Numbers were down this week with 66 players attending the event.
This week’s winners and grinners are:
1st Game Winners:     Lee Arbon, Liz John and Vicki Arbon on 28 points + 15 shots
2nd Game Winners:    John Eldridge, Rob Jackway and Mick Jones on 27 points + 14 shots
2 Game Winners:        Gerald Armstrong, John White and Ron Dale on 54 points + 4 shots
2 Game Runner-up:     Michael Gill, Bart Lengs and Yenneke Lovell on 52 points + 11 shots
The week’s jackpot draw for $135 was +22.   As there was no winner, the jackpot will carryover into next week.
A thanks to Tim Arbon and his cohorts for preparing the greens, Rob Jackway for helping with preparations for the day’s event and Les Scott for organising the raffle.
Keep them rolling,
Graham Fishlock and Ian McPhillips

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