Triples Results Friday 23rd December

This week’s teams consisted of 12 triples and 4 pairs.  The day’s play ended up as a tight finish for the two game winners with only one shot the difference.
This week’s winners and grinners are:
1st Game Winners:     Cynthia and Peter Stewart on 27 points + 16 shots
2nd Game Winners:    Jim Woodhouse and Ian McPhillips on 27 points + 15 shots
2 Game Winners:        Rob Jackway, Kate Gosling and Mick Jones on 55 points + 19 shots
2 Game Runner-up:     Roland Lawton, Frank Francese and Mario Mascilongo on 55 points +18 shots
This week’s jackpot draw for $410 was 5, which was won by Rob Jackway, Kate Gosling and Mick Jones.
A thanks to Rob Jackway for helping with preparations for the day’s event, also Wayne Mack and Les Scott for running the raffle.
Please Note:  Social Bowls will resume on the Tuesday 3rd January and Friday 6th January 2023.
We wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year.
Graham Fishlock and Ian McPhillips

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