Triples Results Friday 26th May

It was another good turnout for the day’s event with 78 players in attendance.  There were a number of players who “walked the walk of shame” donating offerings to ”Fagin” which are gratefully appreciated by the Guide Dogs SA/NT.

This week’s winners and grinners are:

1st Game Winners:     Baz Wells, Ron Dale and Tony Tanton on 29 points + 13 shots

2nd Game Winners:    Jimmie Youngson, Alan Gosling and Graham Fishlock on 29 points + 16 shots

2 Game Winners:        Bart Lengs, Michael Gill and Yeneke Lovell on 56 points + 17 shots

2 Game Runner-up:   John Eldridge, Dave Carter and Ken Williams on 55 points + 23 shots

This week’s jackpot draw for $470 was 3.  There were two claimants for the jackpot, however as there can only be one clear winner the jackpot will carryover into next week’s draw.  A thanks to Wayne Mack and Brandon Gil for running the raffle, also Rob Jackway for helping with preparations for the day’s event.

Keep Them Rolling,
Graham Fishlock and Ian McPhillips

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