Triples Results Friday 27th January

It wasn’t easy setting up teams for the day’s play with a number of players cancelling, presumable due to the hot weather forecast.  The number of names scratched out on the attendance sheet created a dilemma for the organizers trying to reorganize teams for the day, not helped by one team who didn’t turn up or phone to say they were not attending.  Fortunately we were able to acquire three other players who helped to make up the 14 teams just prior to play commencing on C & D Greens.
This week’s winners and grinners are:
1st Game Winners:     John Eldridge, Brian Hodkinson and Kevin Neumann on 27 points + 14 shots
2nd Game Winners:    Wayne Lindsay, Ron Troost and Ken Griffiths on 28 points + 17 shots
2 Game Winners:        Wayne Mack, Alan Gosling and Graham Fishlock on 55 points + 16 shots
2 Game Runner-up:     Michael Gill, Bart Lengs and Yenneke Lovell on 54 points + 21 shots
The jackpot draw for $155 was -18, as nobody claimed the prize the jackpot will carryover into next week’s draw.  A thanks to Rob Jackway for helping in the office and Les Scott for running the raffle.  Also, thank you to Tim Arbon and crew who turn up early each Friday morning to prepare the greens prior to the day’s play.
Please keep in mind, if the weather forecast on Thursday indicates the temperature for Friday will reach 35 C degrees or more, play will start an hour earlier at 11:00 AM.  
Keep Them Rolling,
Graham Fishlock and Ian McPhillips

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