Triples Results Friday 7th June

Well, the decor is different, and the ventilation is more than adequate but our temporary abode serves its purpose.  Luckily the weather, though cold, remained dry allowing players to enjoy the alfresco setting.   It was a good turnout with 78 players in attendance playing on C& D Greens under a revised format of 7 ends in the first game and 8 ends in the second.  Thanks to Stuart Jolly who was called in at the last minute to make up the final numbers.  ‘Fagin’ was again in favour as a number of players took the walk of shame.

This week’s winners and grinners:

1st Game Winners:      John Foley, Kym Klopp and Ian McPhillips on 26 points + 11 shots

2nd Game Winners:     Wayne Mack, John Linhart and Stu Reither on 27 points + 11 shots

2 Game Winners:          Don Ryan, Frank Francese and David Windram on 50 points + 14 shots

2 Game Runners-up:   Stephanie Mulhearn, Jennifer Scott and Ann Sheehan on 50 points + 10 shots

The lucky number for this week’s jackpot prize of $270 was 5.  As no one claimed the prize the jackpot will carry over into next week.  Thanks to Rob Jackway for coming in early to help with preparations for the day’s event.

The current game format is only temporary until we can access our club rooms once the new air conditioning has been installed.  Play will then revert back to the previous 10/11 game format.

Keep them rolling,

Graham Fishlock and Ian McPhillips

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