Triples Results Friday 9th February

It turned out to be a warm day with a slight breeze that provided some relief for the 72 players who attended.  Unfortunately, two or three teams were short of a player, but after shuffling them around and calling upon another player who volunteered to come in, organisers were able to field 24 teams for the day’s event.

This week’s winners and grinners:
1st Game Winners:      Sheila Dempsey, John O’Leary and Tony Tanton on 29 points + 16 shots

2nd Game Winners:     Kate Gosling, Trevor Jackway and Mick Jones on 28 points + 17 shots

2 Game Winners:          Mike Williams, Kimbra Williams and Des Campbell on 55 points + 19 shots

2 Game Runners-up:   Roy Hills, Gary Wright and Roger Frick on 54 points + 14 shots

The lucky number for this week’s jackpot prize of $140 was 25, as there was no winner the prize will carry over into next week’s draw.  Thanks to Rob Jackway for coming in early to help with preparations for the day’s play, also to Janice Byles for selling the raffle tickets and Les Scott for running the raffle.

Keep them rolling,
Graham Fishlock and Ian McPhillips

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