Triples Roundup Tuesday 11th April

Mild weather today, with gusty showers coming through, the 42 competitors safe and dry, under the Dome.
Playing on D green using rinks 1 to 7 a happy friendly atmosphere for the day’s competition.
Thank you to Roly Lawton and Peter Zapris for coming in to play at the last moment, Jim Emery for running the raffle.
Ken Pringle thank you for filling in for Derek Hostler; much appreciated.
Today’s winning teams…
1st game winners: Carol Daniels, Peter Zapras and Mick Schonfeldt on 28 points + 9 shots up.
2nd game winners: Wayne Bradbrook, Roger Frick and Gary Wright on 26 points + 8 shots up.
2 game winners: Baz Wells, Bob Basedow and Tony Tanton on 55 points + 27 shots up.
2 game runners up: Jim Manson, Bart Langs and Michael Gill on 54 points + 12 shots up.
Congratulations to all winning players.
Anzac Day falls on Tuesday 25th of April, would appreciate some feedback to playing on Wednesday 26th April.
Jackpot of $500 was not won, the winning number drawn 19. Good luck to all players for next week, it could be your team winning the jackpot $$$
Great to see so many ladies playing, now the pennant season has ended, we are enjoying your cheerful company.
Keep the thunder rolling under “ Riellys Dome Modbury Bowling Club”🧿🧿🧿
Take Care Stay Safe
Derek and Carol

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