Triples Roundup Tuesday 14th February

Conditions for play today were comfortable, with a cool breeze filtering through. The absence of lady players must have been due to Valentines Day celebrations. A mystery person donated a bottle of Baileys for one of our lady players to win. Robin Grousky was the winner taking home a bottle of Baileys for his wife. Amazing what happens at Tuesday Social.
1st game winners: Tom E.S. Robin Grousky and Chris Luck on 20 points + 9 shots up.
2nd game winners: Wayne Bradbrook, Roger Frick and Gary Wright on 26 points + 2 shots up.
2 game winners: Derek Hostler, Geoff Cuttler and Mick Jones on 53 points + 14 shots up.
2 game runners up: John White, Ron Dale and Jim Emery on 52 points + 11 shots up.
Well done to those players.
$192 jackpot was not won number + 5 drawn from the barrel.
Keep the “Thunder rolling under The Dome” 🧿🧿🧿
Take Care Stay Safe
Derek and Carol

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