Tuesday Social Bowls Roundup 2nd August

Modbury Thunderdome…
Allowed 40 players to compete with almost arctic conditions for the day.🥶
Strong winds with rain never dampened the competition 🥴

1st Game Winners
Pairs.. John Turner & Robin Grousky  30 points + 4 shots up.

2nd Game Winners
Graham Fishlock, Brian &
June Hodkinson 27 points + 2 shots up.

Michael Gill, Bart Lengs,
Yenneke Lovell 56 shots + 38 shots up.

Runners up
Roy Hills, Roger Frick, Gary Wright 52 shots + 5 shots up.

Congratulations to all winners…

Jackpot number today was +29 and with no winner $180 will go into the pot for next week’s competition.

Keep rolling under the
Thunder Dome..

Take care Stay safe

Peter & Carol 🧿🧿

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