Tuesday Triples Roundup 29th November

Really nice temperature for our competition today. Players down in numbers, unfortunately, covid being the culprit. 30 competitors on D green. Please people, keep safe, enjoy bowls at every opportunity… but! if unwell please inform us.
Thank you to those who did exactly that.
1st game winners; John Slater, Billy Ryan and Ian McPhilips with 29 points + 5 shots up.
2nd game winners: Shorty Wright, Wendy Hobson and Roger Atkins with 27 points + 14 shots up.
2 game winners: Wayne Bradbrook, Roger Frick and Gary Wright with 55 points + 16 shots up.
2 game runners up: Derek Hostler, Geoff Cutler and Mick Jones with 52 points + 11 shots up.
Well done to all the winning players… see you next week.
$ 258 jackpot was not won. Winning number drawn -21 good luck next time guys!
As always people step up and help out… those being Billy Ryan, John Slater & Shorty Wright who filled in the gaps at the last moment… Thank you.
Jim Emery as always, collecting for the raffle.
Hey!Guys! Keep the “Thunder Rolling” under the Dome 🧿🧿🧿
Derek & Carol

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