Tuesday Triples Roundup 8th November

Today was the first hit of summer, temperature  in the low 30’s  and competing under the Dome. 37 players experienced great conditions with a cooling breeze coming through, creating a very comfortable day.
Play was on C green with 10 teams of triples and 4 teams of pairs.
Thank you to Billy Ryan for coming in at short notice.

1st game winners: Wayne Bradbrock, Roger Frick and Gary Wright with 28 points + 8 shots up.
2nd game winners: Gary Swalling, Carol Daniels and Mick Schonfeldt with 27 shots + 9 shots up.
2 game winners: Wayne Mack, Mike Haines and Al Gosling with 54 points + 24 shots up.
2 game runners up: Robyn Grousky and Brian “Hodgie” (pairs) with 54 points + 11 shots up.
Well done to all players.
$189 jackpot was not won with + 26 drawn from the barrel.
Thank you to Jim Emery for doing the raffle,  and to all players who come out to compete on Tuesday’s.
Keep the Thunder rolling
Take Care Stay Safe
Derek and Carol

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