AGM Annual Reports – 6th August 2020

The Modbury Bowling Club will be holding their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 6th August 2020 at 7pm.  At this meeting, the outgoing committee will be presenting the new constitution that outlines the club’s direction to a Board of Management.  The Agenda, New Constitution and Notice of Motion forms can be found below.  We ask that all members review this new constitution as before the meeting as it will be motioned to pass during the AGM.

Please get your Notices of Motion on the correct form (See Above) and your Nomination for the committee as it stands on the forms available at the club.

We are also having our Presentation Night before the AGM.  This will start at 5:45 pm for a 6 pm start.


Annual Reports


It has been another exciting and interesting year at the Modbury Bowling Club, and I am very proud of what this club has achieved especially during these recent uncertain times.  We have emerged from the Global Pandemic in a favourable financial position, and we returned to providing our excellent facilities to our members and the community as soon as it was possible.  Since we have reopened, we have had members practicing daily, excellent participation of social bowls and excellent attended for our Friday Night meals.

On the Greens, the club has had its ups and downs across all the competition days and formats, but it is very exciting that the Division 1 Team won the premiership to be promoted back to Premier League on Saturday.  Well done to those players, now the hard work begins.

The grass greens performance received a lot of praise from other clubs and their members.  Credit to Tim our greenkeeper, Ken Raymond and his team of volunteers.  Well done.  The Synthetic greens are now running around 15 seconds, and we have had a lot of compliments on their performance.  Yes, there are some issues on some rinks but how many greens don’t have issues.  I believe we probably have the best greens (Grass and Synthetic) in the state, but I am a bit bias.

Usage of our club facilities has never been so popular with members and the general community.  Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the greens and clubrooms were booked at least monthly or more.  This is a credit to Jamie, our General Manager, the bar staff and volunteers.

When I first presented to you that I wanted to be President, I was very clear that I wanted this club to be the best in the state and I believe that we are indeed very close to achieving that goal.    However, I do not do this alone, and with your attendance to events, participation in social bowls and volunteering where you can, we will make this club the best in the state.

In closing, I would like to thank all the volunteers for their efforts in all areas around the club.  A big thank you for Jamie Thomas for all the work he puts in above and beyond his requirements.

Let this coming year be bigger and better for this great club.

Jose Gil


Men’s Co-ordinator Report

Last year when I took on this job of Men’s co-ordinator, I had a significant amount of help from Steve Lester and Neil Martin, who have both been Men’s Co-ordinator in the past. Other people assisted me of course, people like Kathy Hill, Jose Gil and Jamie Thomas. Jamie was excellent in liaising with Bernie Jensen and her team in the kitchen for organising meals and table settings etc. A fantastic and highly appreciated aspect of the Modbury Bowling Club is if you take on any position and you have a problem, help is always there the moment you ask.

The selection room was often very heavily charged with discussion regarding selection. The season ended not too badly with only one demotion ie Division 1 on Wednesday to Division 2. However, on the upside Division 1 on Saturday was promoted to Premier, so congratulations to our new Premier side.

Our club tournaments were unfortunately, poorly attended. More interest is needed to be shown otherwise these events will continue to have a tenuous future at best. It is not only good practise but it is part of the club spirit and a great challenge.

External tournaments were going very well up until the dreaded COVID-19 virus struck. At this point I would like to thank Greg Thomas for his computer skills with the tournaments, job well done. More tournaments are in the pipeline so please give them your support, by attending where you can and encouraging others to do so as well.

Social games, these are very important events for the Modbury Bowling Club, I would like to acknowledge and thank the following people who organised and ran these events:

  • Wednesday Triples – Jamie Thomas
  • Friday Triples – Graham Fishlock, Rob Jackway and Tony Chilvers
  • Wednesday Night Owls – Dave Carter
  • Thursday Night Owls – Angela and Ken Pringle
  • The Country Carnival – Barrie Wilton
  • All metro state events – Neil Martin

Additionally, a big thank you to Jeff Davis and his umpires/measurers and of course all the markers. And finally, as always, a big thank you to all the ladies who helped in the kitchen during all of the tournaments, your support is much appreciated.


Kieran Hackett

Kieran Hackett (2019/2020 Men’s Co-ordinator)


Ladies Co-ordinator Report

From a pennant perspective, the Thursday ladies struggled.   Unfortunately, Div 1 got relegated to Div 2 while Div 3 North managed to keep their position.

Selection was a very difficult task as they had to rotate the ladies all year.  For the last few Div 3 North games, the selectors had to choose the strongest sides to try and retain their position, and as a consequence, there was a few disheartened ladies, but it had to be done.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped throughout the year. Without them, the club would not be able to function.  Also a big thank you to Bob Prevost for being our umpire when we played at home.

I would also like to thank Paddy for his coaching.

Gala Day was a success due to the ladies who organised it, the ladies who worked in the kitchen and the scorers.

Club Tournament Winners:

Singles                         Vick Arbon
Pairs                             Vicki Arbon,  Allison Morrison
Majors Minors           Sally Jarred,  Pat Reddacliff

Congratulations to all the winners – well done.

Pauline Wright (Shorty)
Ladies Coordinator


Greens Manager

Firstly on behalf of Tim and myself, I would like to thank Ron (new start volunteer and non-club member) and Mark (new start volunteer and non-club member) for their dedication in assisting in keeping our greens up and running and in good order.  Without these two assisting, Modbury would be hard-pressed to find members to take on this work.  Mark, in particular, is for all intents and purposes the main person working on the two artificial greens. Thank you to Barry Trowbridge for finding Mark and bringing him to the club.
Thanks must also go to Wayne Haskett and Neil Martin for taking up the responsibility to manage C and D greens.  C and D greens have proved their worth over the winter period and despite COVID-19 social bowling events have been run albeit spasmodically.
A and B greens were in outstanding condition for high-end bowling last pennants season and at this early date appear well placed to survive winter.  A and B greens were often commented on by visiting Premier sides often being described as ‘the best in metropolitan Adelaide’.  Tim expects to provide similar good greens this coming pennants season.
To this time both greens are infected with disease and significant outbreaks of Moss.  Tim has outplayed $1000’s on fungicide and allied treatments and we are holding the disease as best we can.
At this time I am aiming for an opening date for general bowling on A and B greens of Tuesday the 1st of September. If conditions allow bowling east/west on A and B may be brought forward of that date.
I am prepared to remain as Greens Manager for the forthcoming year.
Ken Raymond
Greens Manager.

House Managers Annual Report

It has been an unusual year at the club, COVID 19 has made us all re-evaluate the way we do things around the club, social distancing, setting up the tables, seating, use of greens.

Because of loss of income due to COVID 19, there are somethings that we had planned to do that have had to be put on hold until the circumstances change, but we still managed with the help of our volunteers to keep the clubrooms maintained as best as we could.

A big thank you to all those who have given up their time and expertise to help with the projects we were able to complete in these difficult times.

Les Scott
House Manager



Indoor Bowls Ladies Report

The season opened in May with three teams from Modbury participating.

Our Gala Day went very well making a profit of $410. A big thank you to the girls who organised the day by ringing clubs to get teams to play – this is not an easy task.  Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen and to the ladies who organised and worked on the raffle.

A big thanks to the men who attended to the laying of the carpets every week.

We are all looking forward to the next season in 2021.

Pauline Wright (Shorty)
Indoor Ladies Coordinator

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